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Cosmetic Dentistry Wonder, why some people have that perfect smile!! If you could choose to carve your teeth to a perfectly aligned set, you probably would have done it long ago. For more info visit us at
Dr. Preeti is the backbone and working force behind UPADHYAY DENTAL CLINIC. She is Specialist in diagnosis of numerous oral pathologies, including oral ulcerations, allergic reactions, fungal and bacterial infections, cysts and tumors of oral cavity and most importantly oral pre cancer and oral cancer. For more info visit us at
Dental implant is a tooth placed in the gums, made up of highly compatible titanium alloy which provides a stud like support for fixing ceramic teeth and complete dentures. For more info visit us at
An implant is a safe treatment that provides the same satisfaction as the original natural tooth by placing the fixture on the site of the missing tooth and connecting the crown to it.
Flap Surgery Flap procedure includes pulling back a section of gum to clean the roots of teeth and smoothening and reshaping of bone so that plaque has fewer places to grow. We are Located at Vadodara, Gujarat, India.